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Hi. I’m Neil Eldred, owner of Blue Flame Writing. I’m a freelance writer whose specialties lie in the mental health and senior/baby boomer/retirement sectors. However, I read widely and have a broad, eclectic set of experiences and interests that will allow me to handle nearly any project.Neil Eldred Owner of Blue Flame Writing, LLC, a Binghamton NY Based Freelance Writing  Company

My careers prior to becoming a freelance writer started in the US Army and ended in a nonprofit organization serving the elderly.

I’m privileged to have held leadership positions in a variety of organizations that gave me a wide range of skills and knowledge.

For instance, my previous  jobs provided me with managerial knowledge. I also learned techniques for meeting the needs of diverse customers ranging from emotionally disturbed kids to the elderly.  And the importance of submitting projects on time is ingrained in my soul.

But more importantly, serving in these roles has taught me to write. And to write well.

I have written everything from newspaper articles to strategic plans and websites to research reports. I enjoyed all these writing assignments, even the monthly reports that everyone else hated doing.

In case your  curious what sort of positions I’ve held, here is a sampling:

  • Infantry Squad Leader
  • Program Founder and Coordinator,Wilderness Adventure Program
  • Graduate Student Teaching and Research Assistant
  • College Course Instructor
  • Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • Deputy Director at a Municipal Government Agency Serving the Elderly

These various career fields demonstrate the diverse array of writing experiences I mastered. Having worked in so many areas, I can easily tailor my writing to your customer base.

In addition to my career experiences, I have a solid education, which has provided me with a wide field of knowledge that can serve you. A major benefit of my education is that I developed finely honed research skills. I have presented my research at regional and national conferences. Other research I have done has found that policies where I worked at the time were ineffective and therefore discontinued.

That sums up my life before venturing into writing full-time.

I switched careers from management to freelance writer for two reasons:

1) I experienced two layoffs in three years and decided to take control of my fate

2) I love writing even more than I like bacon

Even though none of my past careers translated into my dream job, I’m grateful for those years. These jobs provided me with the experience of writing for different audiences. I wrote for bureaucrats, professionals, staff, and a public of assorted ages and reading abilities.

I gained experience writing blog posts, newsletter articles, newspaper articles, marketing materials, web pages, research reports, strategic plans, policy and procedure manuals, analyses, annual reports, and more.

My broad range of experience means succinct knowledge about how to fulfill your writing needs.

On a personal note, I live in Binghamton NY with my wife and four children. When not working on my freelance endeavors, I enjoy attending  my kids’ sporting events,  working on one of several fiction projects, or reading. I read books on writing, personal development, and marketing and business related works, with a little fantasy and science fiction thrown in.

Contact me for a free consultation so we can see how Blue Flame Writing can serve your needs. You can get in touch with me through the contact form accessible by selecting “Contact” on the menu above. If you rather connect more directly, I can be reached at or you can call me at 607.821.9717. I look forward to talking with you.

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