Your Search for a Reliable and Creative Freelance Writer is Over.

Your website needs updating. You have brochures, marketing materials, and proposals to produce, but you can’t free up any staff toLogo for Blue Flame Writing, LLC,  a Binghamton NY Based Freelance Writing Company write. Your employees are overstretched. And you’re putting in more hours than you want to.

Yet everything is still not getting done.

You need someone to handle inbound marketing techniques–like blogging–for your business. You’re aware that inbound marketing guides people to your website, converts leads, and increases sales. Best of all, inbound marketing causes customers to spread the news about your business by word of mouth. The best marketing there is.

You want someone to do the writing. But you don’t want to hire more staff.

Ideally, you want a freelance writer who can produce materials that draw in customers and capture leads. You’re searching for a talented writer who delivers ready-to-release products on time, for every project.

You want a skilled writer who can:

  • Write Blog Posts
  • Write SEO Articles
  • Write Web Sites
  • Write Articles for the Newspaper and Other Publications
  • Author ebooks
  • Produce Marketing Materials
  • Publish Newsletters and Ezines
  • Build and Manage an Email Marketing List
  • Write In-depth Research Reports
  • Write Strategic Plans
  • Produce AnnualĀ  Reports
  • Fill All Your Other Writing Needs

The writer you’ll hire will demonstrate to your customers how their lives will improve by purchasing your products and services. You’ll hire a writer as devoted to your bottom line as you are.

You need someone who works autonomously, so you can focus on what you do best–running your business. But at the same time you want a writer who will touch base and let you know what customers are saying about your business on your blog and in social media circles.

If this sounds like you, we should talk. Contact me for a free consultation at neil@blueflamewriting.com or 607.821.9717. You can share your business needs and goals, and I’ll explain how my writing services can make your live easier so you can go back to sleeping well at night.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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